5 Reasons Why Data Backup is So Important

Did you know that 140,000 hard drives fail in the United States each week? That’s a terrifying proposition for those of us working with data, which is almost all of us at this point.

Data has become one of our biggest assets in 2018. According to recent research conducted by IBM, 2.5 billion GB of data are created by devices every day. You simply can’t let that data disappear into thin air.

Let’s look at five reasons data backup is important.

In Case Of Cyber Attack

Data breaches are becoming increasingly common in today’s digital economy. These data breaches can be catastrophic for a company’s reputation.

More than 20% of businesses lose customers due to data loss following a security breach. 40% of those companies can lose up to 20% of their clientele.

Corporate data backup doesn’t deter cyber attacks, but it can help to neutralize the damage. At least having a backup of your system in its uncompromised state can return things to normal, so you can focus on doing damage control around the data leak.

2. Over Half Of Data Losses Are Unavoidable

It’s easy to be on-guard against data theft or to implement the most careful data handling best practices. It’s hard to be on-guard against tornadoes or crashing hard drives, however.

Over half of data-loss incidents are caused by physical causes, such as natural disasters or mechanical failure of hard drives. There’s no telling when or if this is going to happen. A data backup plan is the only insurance you have against such a catastrophe.

3. Ransomware Is On The Rise

With data being such a valuable asset, it’s no wonder hackers are starting to hold it for ransom, just like any other valuable commodity.

Ransomware is malicious software that freezes your system and makes your data inaccessible. This can seriously shut down a wide array of businesses, from eCommerce sites to service providers.

Data backup reduces downtime to a minimum. It also prevents having to pay the ransomers, which helps deter future security breaches.

4. Avoid Downtime

Downtime is expensive. It’s also bad for your reputation.

Data loss can shut down your sales department and marketing department in the blink of an eye. It can shutter your social media automation. It can cut the lines of communication between separate departments.

A data backup plan ensures you won’t have to rebuild from scratch, greatly diminishing downtime.

5. Some Data Is Irreplaceable

Data loss is inconvenient at the best of times. If you’re working with proprietary data that your company has collected, you won’t be able to replace it if something goes wrong.

The loss of proprietary data can be catastrophic for your business. It can do irreparable damage to your brand reputation. A data backup plan is one of the only ways to help prevent this from happening.

Data is becoming one of the biggest assets in the digital economy. It is shaping everything from elections to how businesses are run. You wouldn’t leave your bank account unguarded, would you?

Ready For Data Backup?

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