The 5 Most Common Ways Data Loss Happens

In the first half of 2017, there were 28,331,861 data records compromised in the UK. How do you prevent your company’s data from getting compromised?

You need to know what the most common causes of data loss are. Once you know the most common causes, you can take steps to prevent them.

No matter what the cause, you should back up your data. This will get your business up and running in the event the data gets lost.

Are you at risk of any of these things causing lost data for your company?

1. System Malfunctioning

This is a broad term but encompassing the meaning of anything where the system goes wrong. This could be because of a head crash, or electrical or control failure.

Usually, the system experiences either physical damage or an electrical short. This causes the system to malfunction due to the glitch.

2. Human Interference

This is the most common reason for data loss. There are two ways we as humans lose data.

The first is that we click delete or format when we don’t mean to. The second is the physical damage from dropping or spilling liquid.

3. Corrupted Software

Have you ever had a program randomly shut down on you? This is a stomach-dropping experience when it happens while working on an important document.

They can happen when there isn’t enough memory to run the program. It can also happen when there is a glitch or conflict in the programming.

4. Malware or Virus

All viruses cause serious destruction of computer data. Your computer will start to run slower and slower.

What’s worse, like human viruses, they can spread from one computer to another. Before you know it, you will have serious data loss throughout your company.

5. Natural Disaster

No matter what planning and prevention you do, you cannot prevent natural disasters. Not only can you not prevent them, but you cannot predict them either.

It is too late to try to back up your data when the natural disaster is hitting you. You need to prepare in advance for this since over half of all data loss is unavoidable due to a natural disaster.

What Kind of Data Can Be Lost When a Computer Is Turned Off?

Your ROM memory is the read-only memory that gets programmed at the factory. This type of memory cannot take on new data.

The RAM memory, or volatile memory, is where your computer stores all of the data to the hard drive. The hard drive stores a large amount of data when you turn the computer off.

If you turn the computer off the data stored in the RAM gets lost. The hard drive continues to receive power and doesn’t need to have the content refreshed.

Prevent Data Loss

Prevent data loss for your company by addressing these five common reasons for the loss. Prevent hardware and human causes of loss by keeping computers in low traffic areas.

This will prevent physical damage. Then ensure there is a steady and constant power supply.

This will also help prevent hardware crashes. For software corruption, develop good working habits for saving documents.

For natural disasters, you need to find a cloud or off-site data backup system. This will place a backup of your data out of harm’s way.

Let us help you prevent data loss by inquiring today.

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