Why You Need Managed Backup as a Service

IT managers are often on a perpetual drive to reduce monthly fixed costs which often places them in a position whereby they are under resourced and don’t have enough budget to correctly implement the correct backup solutions. Each backup solution needs to uniquely tailor to ensure that each user Is adjacently cover down to the smallest details. Managed Backup is better solution for the following reasons:

  • Availability of your backups
  • Dedicated External support teams
  • Offsite Backup
  • Cutting Edge Backup Technology

Availability of your Backups

In the game of soccer you have reserves who sit on the bench waiting come on as soon there is something wrong with one of the active players. Backups work similar and there are different types of availability that are suited best for different situations. In the case that one of your computers crashes, do you have the a redundant environment that can get that users up and running within minutes? It’s crucial to correctly scope the availability of your backups.

External Support Teams

In the case of an emergency or loss of data it’s almost guaranteed that your IT team are going to be overwhelmed. When these incidents happen and statistically speaking we know that they will happen. You are going to need a team of backup experts who are available to add resource to your existing IT team. Often the case is that the IT team are focused on fixing the day-to-day issues and they could lose site of ensuring the layers of security and backup that are needed to correctly prevent a data breach. Having external support ensures that your internal team can focus on there job, whilst the managed backup experts do their job.

Offsite Backup

Storing your backups on-site is great in the case of accidental loss of data or a mild form of data infection. However from a business continuity point and security risk, storing your backup data onsite is an extremely dangerous process. Offsite backups that have redundant file versioning and ransomware prevention software are a much better long-term solution that ensures your business continuity.

Cutting Edge Backup Technology

Just as viruses are updating daily, it’s crucial that your backup technology is not only up to date but also cutting edge. Outsourcing your backup ensures that your tech is in sync with the latests updates and innovations in the market. Simply using Flash Drives or USB hard-drives to backup your data is not only an outdated, manual form of backups. It’s an extremely unsafe way of backing-up data. There are various options like cloud-based, or local/offsite synced servers.

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