Technical Support

Are usability issues hurting your workflow? Unsure of how to handle system scaling with your business? Ad-hoc, project-based or contract-based we can assist you where necessary.

Proactive IT Support

We use RMM (Remote Monitoring and Management) tools to proactively Manage, Monitor and Control. These tools allow us to detect and resolve issues before your users notice them. We work with you to configure your bespoke solution to best suit you, with custom reports, thresholds and self-healing all fitted to your exact needs.

Support Categories


R350.00 p/hour

R200.00 p/device

and more.


R650.00 p/hour

R450.00 p/device

and more.


R650.00 p/hour

R450.00 p/device

and more.

Backup & Continuity

R450.00 p/hour

and more.


R450.00 p/hour

and more.

Key Deliverables

Dedicated Technical Account Manager

Ensuring delivery of service for tickets allocated to us from yourselves.

Remote Monitoring

If required, use our technical team or selected team members for after-hours and weekend monitoring using your remote monitoring infrastructure.

Weekly Delivery Meetings

Keep up-to-date with weekly evaluation meetings to discuss the planning of activities and projects for the following week.

Support Packages


Time Based

  • 3-hour Pilot
  • 10-hour Bundles (in or out of business hours)
  • 20-hour Bundles (in or out of business hours)
  • Monthly Contracts (in or out of business hours)​

Ticket Based

  • Per Ticket.
  • Ad-Hoc.
  • Ticket Bundles.

White-Label IT Support

Our White-Label IT Support gives you the opportunity to sell high-end IT Support as a service without the need to find and employ full-time technicians – saving you time, money and human resources. Our team works under your company and policies, taking
instructions from your service desk.

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